Dental Practice Hero: From Ordinary Practice to Extraordinary Experience

Dr. Etchison is not your average dentist. A visionary leader, he combines marketing and business knowledge, clinical excellence, and leadership to create a thriving growing practice. And he wants to share this special knowledge with you. It’s time to set off on a quest to implement systems that take your practice to the next level inspire your team to greatness and help you become the visionary leader who can transform your practice and your life.

In Dental Practice Hero, the reader will learn the systems Dr. Etchison used:

-to grow his startup to 1M in collections the first year, and continue to grow 30-40% each year after to almost 3M in just 5 years and still growing! And all out of 5 ops!

-to destress the day to day of running his practice, so that he could only do 3 days/week of clinical.

-to become the leader that influences practice culture so positively, that practice growth becomes organic.

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